distem-bootstrap - manual page for distem-bootstrap 1.2


distem-bootstrap [options]


distem-bootstrap automatically sets up a distem environment. When run without options, it will create a distem environment with the latest released version of distem, using the nodes from $OAR_NODEFILE or $GOOD_NODES.


-f, --node-list <nodelist_file>

File containing the list of nodes to install. If not specified, will use $GOOD_NODES or $OAR_NODEFILE

-c <coordinator_address>,

Address of the coordinator (default: first node)


-x, --no-init-pnodes

Do not initialize all pnodes

--max-vifaces <nb>

Set the maximum number of vifaces on a physical node (used only without --no-init-pnodes)

-d, --debug

Debug mode (display commands executed on nodes)

-D, --distem-debug

Show distem output when executing distem commands (script, node init)

-k, --ssh-key [<ssh_key_file>]

Path of the ssh private key to use

-p <package1>,<package2>,<...>,

Additional debian packages to install on coordinator


-r <package1>,<package2>,<...>,

Additional gem packages to install on coordinator


--distem-version <distem_version>

Version of distem to install (default: latest)

-g, --git [<git_hash|git_tag>]

Install a git snapshot of distem (default: master). Additional packages are installed on the coordinator to rebuild the Debian package

-U, --git-url <git_repository>

Overwrite the default distem git repository

-G, --gerrit <gerrit_ref>

Checkout a gerrit ref (e.g refs/changes/94/94/1) and rebuild a Debian package

-S, --stealth-mode

Do not report usage statistics (Grid’5000 only)

--btrfs-format <tmp_device>

Format the device with btrfs support to allow COW on Vnodes (experimental)

--ci <path>

Path to the distem source directory (used only for CI purpose)

--debian-version <version>

Choose the Debian version (squeeze, wheezy or jessie)


Create a global administration network (this leverages VXLAN support)

--vxlan-id <id>

Set the VXLAN id (value beetween 0 and 15)


Activate the verbose mode on Distem servers

-h, --help

Display this screen


# reserve and deploy nodes using katapult3, then install distem oarsub -t deploy -l nodes=10,walltime=1 \

’katapult3 -e squeeze-x64-min -c --sleep -- distem-bootstrap’

# setup distem, installing additional packages distem-bootstrap -p htop -r restfully -f nodes